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Home Maintenance Tasks

It's time to take care of maintenance or repair projects so that your home is ready for chillier temperatures. By starting your list now, you'll have plenty of time to tackle all those chores you've been meaning to do. Here are a few things our real estate agents suggest for preparing your home for the fall months. 

  1. Stock Up on Firewood or Propane
    If your home has a fireplace, this is an excellent time to make sure you have ample fuel to make it through the chilly months. Though prices for firewood and propane fluctuate, you can usually pay lower prices by purchasing your fuel before the cold weather is officially here. 

  2. Change Your Furnace or HVAC Filter
    Changing the filter for your HVAC unit or furnace is an easy way to increase its efficiency, helping you lower your heating and cooling costs. When your system has a dirty filter, this obstructs the flow of heated or cooled air, causing your unit to have to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
  3. Maintain Your Fireplace
    Fireplace maintenance ensures that your fireplace is safe to operate. Make sure that your chimney is free of obstructions and that the damper is working correctly. For a wood-burning fireplace, examine the chimney for soot or tarry creosote residue; both of these are signs that your chimney is in need of a thorough cleaning. If you have a gas fireplace, confirm that the pilot light functions correctly and vacuum away any dust or debris. When adding your home to the list of Richmond homes for sale, tend to any overdue home maintenance tasks, like cleaning your fireplace, to help your home make a solid first impression with potential buyers.
  4. Clean and Inspect Your Gutters
    Properly functioning gutters help direct precipitation away from your home so that it doesn't damage your home or create a waterlogged yard. You can use a special tool to clean your gutters using your garden hose or pressure washing machine. While you're cleaning your gutters, examine them to see if any require repairs or replacement. Look for cracks, holes, and sagging in the gutters; any pieces with these issues need attention. You should also examine the portion of your home underneath and around your gutters for signs of water damage or water accumulation that may indicate these portions of your gutter system aren't working correctly. 

  5. Insulate Your Pipes
    Pipes are prone to freezing when the temperature drops. See that they're ready for the cold by outfitting them with foam sleeves that provide an additional layer of installation.

  6. Examine Your Door and Window Screens
    A crisp fall afternoon is a perfect time to open your windows and doors and take advantage of the brisk autumn weather. Check the screens in your doors and windows to make sure that they aren't bent or damaged, as holes in the screening material can allow bugs to enter your home. If your screens' frames are in good shape, you can replace the screen material in them. However, if they're bent or warped, you'll want to replace the whole screen. 

By starting on your fall to-do list now, your home will be ready for the changing autumn temperatures. Ready to list your home for sale? Contact us to get started!

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