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Farmhouse Decor

Are you looking for trendy but easy upgrades you can add to your home, perhaps before you list it for sale? Installing barn doors is a fast upgrade with a dramatic impact, and it makes a good weekend DIY project. Here are a few tips from our real estate agents on installing a barn door that adds a farmhouse touch to your home.

  • Measure 
    First things first: You need to know what size door you're looking for before you go shopping for a barn door. Measure the doorway you'll be covering. Ideally, you should plan to overlap the door frame by at least several inches on each side so that there's no chance of light coming through. If you have a big doorway to cover, consider doing double barn doors, especially in a common area such as a dining room or living room, or to cover an entertainment center. The door will also need to be tall enough for the track to be hung above the door frame, with about half an inch of clearance underneath the door.

  • Complement Your Existing Decor
    Barn doors are trendy among Richmond homes for sale, but you'll want one that hits just the right note between rustic and upscale. Now that you know the size you're looking for, it's time to go shopping. There are numerous barn door kits you can buy, and many of them have attractive-looking doors, so be sure to browse those. You can also make your own with this DIY barn door plan that uses tongue and groove boards for a rustic but high-quality, finished look. The best part about making your own is that you can make it any size you want.

  • Spring for Good Hardware
    Especially when many barn door styles can be fairly plain, hardware is important. Since barn doors are more of a rustic look, opt for chunky hardware. A good finish is important, too. Look for an antique or rustic-looking finish such as a bronze or iron appearance.

  • Mount a Backer Board for Stability
    A good barn door DIY project is about more than just choosing the right door and hardware. Knowing how to install the door properly is important, too. Remember, barn doors are typically very heavy, and the frequent motion of sliding open and closed can be hard on the track, so it's important to mount the doors on a backer board. A backer board is a board that's mounted above the door frame and drilled into the studs, providing a secure place to mount the door's track. The backer board also adds to the primitive look and can be painted to match the door frame.

  • Use a Level
    Hanging a barn door may not be as difficult as hanging a framed door, but it's still important to use a level when mounting the track. If your track isn't perfectly level, the heavy barn door may tend to slide open or closed on its own, as the weight will pull it along the track. It's also important to measure carefully and hang your door so that it's the right height above the door frame and so that the bottom of the door clears the floor by about half an inch.

Upgrading outdated doors is a great way to give your house a quick and easy makeover, especially if you want to make it look more modern and trendy before you sell it. For more ideas on small upgrades that have a big impact when selling your home, contact us today.

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