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Holiday Light Displays

The holiday season is upon us! Holiday lights are one of our favorite traditions. Decorating the house is the one thing that always helps us get into the holiday spirit, so we can't wait to start this year.

Our holiday light displays get a little better every year; however, if it's your first time decorating, you might need some inspiration. If you recently purchased your first home or are simply looking to try something new this year, here is a list of holiday light ideas from our real estate agents:

  • Dress-up Your Trees
    When it comes to holiday decorating, trees are one of your most valuable assets. There are so many things you can do with trees in your front yard. Wrap them in lights, add large ornaments, place holiday-themed signs on them, or tie bows around the trunk. The options are endless!

  • Add Garland To Your Porch Columns
    If your front porch has columns, don't let the space go to waste! Create a classic holiday look by wrapping them in garland, lights, and bows. The goal is to create a grand holiday-themed entrance for your guests.

  • Don't Forget The Wreath
    It may seem simple, but the door wreath is really the centerpiece of your entire outdoor display. Therefore, do what you can to make it count. We recommend going for a large, oversized wreath wrapped in lights. Then, add a big red bow in the middle. The more lights, the better!

  • Illuminate The Path
    Now is the time to create a beautiful, well-lit walkway. Use string lights or colorful solar-powered LEDs to make a stunning walkway that creates a welcoming vibe for your guests. If you already have lantern lighting, add red bows to your lights. Some of our favorite Richmond homes for sale have beautifully-lit walkways around the holidays.

  • Consider A Candy Cane Theme
    A unique candy cane theme can really wow your neighbors. First, cover your facade with red and white lights. Then, supplement your display with candy cane decor wherever possible. Hang over-sized candy canes from the windows or line your sidewalk with candy cane pathway markers.

  • Line Your Roof Line
    This is one of our favorite lighting ideas. Install white string lights along the roof line of your home, and you'll be in awe at how the light reflects off of the snow, creating a fairytale vibe. It's a classic and elegant way to decorate for the holidays.

  • Go Red And Green
    A red and green color scheme is both classy and festive. Intertwine red and green lights and decorate your facade. You can also get some red and green spotlights to illuminate your trees and bushes. 

Holiday lights are one of the most joyful parts of the season, and it's especially exciting if it's your first time decorating. For more tips on how to make your home shine this holiday season, contact us today.

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